FFRI, a leading provider of original next generation AV solutions, today announced it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with CyFlare to bring its emerging endpoint technology to the SMB market as a managed security service, providing advanced endpoint security capabilities.

“We are excited to partner with CyFlare and offer FFRI yarai –  the world’s most trusted endpoint protection platform with patented machine learning capabilities,“ said Pablo Garcia, CEO, FFRI North America. “Through this strategic partnership, SMBs can now enjoy a cost-effective and fully managed security service, providing advanced endpoint security capabilities to protect themselves from viruses and zero day malware.”

“An advanced endpoint solution is an essential piece for any company’s security stack. We are excited to bring an emerging technology suite like FFRI as a managed service to our partners and their customers,” said Douglas Mannella, VP Sales & Business Development, CyFlare.

FFRI was recently named a Top 50 Cyber Security Leader of 2017 by Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine. The annual award recognizes companies that demonstrate innovation and leadership in cyber security solutions and services.

FFRI yarai’s Precognitive Defense eliminates threats before they begin. Leveraging five core protection engines to eliminate threats before detonation, FFRI’s approach to layered security has become the trusted defensive stack for many global enterprises and international governments. FFRI yarai is highly efficient and doesn’t rely on cloud access, signatures or third-party feeds for detection and prevention.

FFRI provides optimal protection technologies, harnessing the power and expertise of security researchers combined with machine learning. This approach provides the most effective endpoint security solution to keep your organization safe from the most sophisticated malware attacks.

Publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan (TYO:3692), FFRI has over a thousand customers globally spanning all verticals, including government, financial services and critical infrastructure such as transportation, energy and gas and oil production.

About CyFlare:

CyFlare is a 24×7 Cyber Security Operations Center purpose built to enable Value Added Resellers, security partners and security vendors with Monitor, Detect and Respond (MDR) services either as powered by or as a white label service. CyFlare enables VAR’s who cannot afford to invest or don’t have the desire to focus on building those capabilities. It offers these benefits with no up-front investment or expertise required. CyFlare offers a wide array of other managed security services on mainstream vendor security solutions to augment partner capabilities.

About FFRI

FFRI is a leading provider of Next Generation Endpoint Security solutions. According to a 2017 survey by MIC Research Institute Ltd., FFRI’s yarai platform was ranked #1 in protection from advanced targeted attacks. FFRI Inc. was established in 2007 in Tokyo and listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2014 (TYO:3692). With over a thousand enterprise customers, FFRI has created one of the top security technologies and a world-class security research team. FFRI’s research and development efforts have led to the detection and prevention of the most sophisticated malware attacks, helping countless customers remain safe, secure and breach free.

For more information please visit: www.ffri-inc.com.


Rochester, NY – November 06, 2017 – CyFlare has announced its strategic partnership with Solution Synergy a Phoenix based Value Added Reseller that specializes in providing security and infrastructure technology within the Healthcare industry.

“Steve and his team bring extensive security experience in the healthcare industry. We are looking forward to collaborating with Solution Synergy to build a focused and comprehensive Healthcare security program.  With our 24×7 SOC and MSSP services, coupled with guidance from Solution Synergy we can have a material impact in healthcare,” says Douglas Mannella – VP Sales & Business Development

“Every day, the lack of IoT medical device security is exposing thousands of holes in every hospitals existing security infrastructure to potential ransomware attacks. Even if a hospital purchased an IoT security solution, many wouldn’t have the additional staff required to effectively manage thousands of security alerts, let alone analyze device behavior, and remediate them,” says Steve Bouck, FHIMSS, MBA, MHCA – President (www.SolutionSynergy.net).

For this reason, Solution Synergy and Cyflare are combining the industry’s best IoT Security software (ZingBox IoT Guardian), with Cyflare’s 24×7 MSSP services, to provide a complete “Managed IoT security solution” to healthcare organizations across the country.  When CIO’s and CISO’s learn the depth of our combined services, they often consider expanding the scope of our services for additional security functions beyond IoT security.

About Solution Synergy:

Solution Synergy is a Cyber Security and infrastructure technology firm, focused in providing IoT Security, Single Sign-On, 24×7 SOC/MSSP, Data Encryption, Identity Access Management, Security Keyboards with infection control, and other infrastructure & Security solutions to the nationwide healthcare industry.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Steve Bouck at 480.767.7660 or email at [email protected]

About CyFlare:

CyFlare is a 24×7 Cyber Security Operations Center purpose built to enable Value Added Resellers with MDR and MSSP services either as powered by or as a white label service.  Value Added Resellers have existing relationships with customers that need Security Event Management and Managed Security Services. CyFlare enables VAR’s who cannot afford to invest or don’t have the desire to build such a facility. It offers these benefits with no up-front investment or expertise required.


Rochester, NY, October 10, 2017– CyFlare has announced its grand opening of a state of the cyber security operations center in Victor, NY which is purpose built to enable Value Added Resellers a turn-key Monitor, Detect and Respond practice as well as it’s own Managed Security Services. CyFlare is a certified MSSP partner of Alien Vault and uses the platform to discovery assets, determine vulnerabilities, analyze behavior and perform security event management.

“In the next 4 years over 20 Billion dollars will be infused into managed security services. Customers are hungry for security services and technology resellers cannot provide 24×7 security operations due to its cost, complexity and dependency on highly skilled cyber security workers. I am confident nothing like the CyFlare Security Operations Center exists in central NY or in the US for that matter. The company and SOC is purpose built to enable VAR’s a white label, just in time offering.” Says Douglas Mannella – VP Sales & Business Development

CyFlare is offering an open house on November 16th 4-7pm EST at 600 Fishers Station Road, Victor NY 14564. Registration link can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cyflare-ribbon-cutting-open-house-tickets-38638703402?aff=es2

The CyFlare Command Center is an impressive facility boasting 25’ ceilings and nearly 2500 sq ft of cyber security excellence. The command center is manned 24 hours a day with cyber security analysts that watch customers network traffic, machine activity and evaluates those events against known indicators of compromise protecting clients employees, customers and intellectual property.

CyFlare is a 24×7 Cyber Security Operations Center purpose built to enable Value Added Resellers with MDR and MSSP services either as powered by or as a white label service. Value Added Resellers have existing relationships with customers that need Security Event Management and Managed Security Services. CyFlare enables VAR’s who cannot afford to invest or don’t have the desire to build such a facility. It offers these benefits with no up-front investment or expertise required.

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Martha Mattei at 877.729.3527 or email at [email protected]


Many of our customers have started their dream and built their website. They are selling online and taking credit card payments without knowing anything about PCI compliance, what it is and the risk of not being compliant.

Did you know there are major fines to face should your website be breached and not be PCI compliant. As much as $50-$90 per record stolen is the cost of a data breach. The bad guys want that data because they want to resell it on the darknet or black market to thieves who want to use those credit cards for their own financial gain.

One of the requirements of PCI compliance is having a Web Application Firewall in front of your website. If you accept credit cards on your site and do not know explicitly that you have a Web Application Firewall it is only a matter of time before you face severe consequences of that.

CyFLare Pulse Prevent provides this Web Application Firewall and it is easy to enable. Do not get caught off guard or worse by not having this protection in place.

For more information on all the requirements of PCI Compliance click here.


In this article we thought we would define many of the common terms that are used when we talk about website security with our customers. We have written this for our friends owning and running small businesses that do not understand technology and want to understand the terms in plain english.

Cyflare is highly sensitive to making sure this very complicated issue we solve each day with website security is easy and hassle free for our customers.

CDN – Content Delivery Network. This essentially is a large group of computers distributed around the globe that process requests for your website from an end user. A request is made by an end user and based upon where the end user is requesting from (country / city) we will process the request through the closest computer to ensure the website delivery is as fast a as possible. Timing is everything when it comes to keeping customer interest and the search engines ranking your website well.

DDOS – Distributed Denial of Service. This is an attack type that the bad guys use. Essentially they take a bunch of computers under their control (many times those computers are hacked) and they will begin to make repeat requests to your website. Your web server becomes overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the all the requests so only some, few or no requests are answered to the computer no longer having resources to answer requests. It is kind of like when a bunch of people are talking to you, your brain shuts down and you can no longer process the input and properly respond to those people.

Hack – Generic term used for doing something malicious to break into a system for financial gain or other malicious intent.

DNS – Domain Name System. This is the backbone of the internet. All computers on the internet have an IP address. Those IP Addresses come in the form of 12 digit numbers broken up into 4 octets or brackets. An IP address looks something like: Imagine being told to go to that address in order to buy your next product or read the latest news? No one could remember that! So, DNS was born to help keep an electronic phone book of sorts to map those complicated numbers to easy to recall domain names that end in common extensions like .com or .net. Think of .com and .net as top level realms like the US and UK are two different countries.

Web Host – This is company that is providing internet connectivity, an internet connected computer and the ability to upload and serve website code to end users requesting the contents of those web pages.

Web Server – Simply stated, it is a computer on the internet that listens for web requests and responds to those requests on demand. This makes your website code visible to end users.

IP address – This is an unique address for your website on the internet. Every website on the internet has an IP address. It is similar to a Social Security Number of a US citizen.

Malware – Any software that has been created and being used with malicious intent.

Ransomware – This is arguable the most prolific kind of malware where the software encrypts all files on your system making it impossible to get access to your files, images etc.. It then requests that you send money to the hackers (usually over a cryptocurrency like bitcoin) in order to get those files back.

SQL Injection – A primary type of attack the bad guys use to attack websites that have databases storing data in the backend. A Web Application Firewall can prevent SQL injection attacks.

Blacklist – If you end up on the blacklist of Google and Bing your website will not be accessible to visitors without them being confronted with a security warning for your website and you will suffer significant demotion in the search engine rankings. This is the last thing you would want to happen to your website.

Load Balancer – Distributes traffic to your web server based on internet speeds and web server availability. This allows for the request to be processed most efficiently and the end user to receive the web content as fast as possible.

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer. This implements certificates which validate the website is who it says it is. It is an encrypted connection from the end user machine to the web server so that if the traffic is intercepted is unreadable to bad guys.

WAF – Web Application Firewall. The WAF does many things but its primary job to is block the bad requests and allow the good. WAF is the primary mechanism for prevention in the CyFlare Pulse Prevent solution.

Rate Limiting – This feature limits the number of requests that can be made from a specific computer on the internet to your website. This disallows too many transactions from happening and overwhelming your web server.

PCI Compliance – Payment Card Industry Compliance. All websites taking payments directly on the website MUST have a Web Application Firewall in front of it or the website owner is subject to fines should the website become compromised. These fines are generally $50 – $90 per record stolen. This quickly adds up!


This brief explainer video will walk you through a basic website attack and how the bad guys hack your website. CyFlare offers 24×7 monitoring and alerting of your websites security as well as prevention solutions to stop the bad guys in their tracks before they hack your website, ruin your search engine optimization efforts, blacklist your website and lose customers. CyFlare can help clean your hacked website including wordpress, joomla, magento, oscommerce and most website publishing platforms.


We are pleased to present an exciting opportunity for companies who currently services products and solutions that enable their customers to create and maintain an online web presence.

We offer an aggressive discount structure for resellers for all of our services.

We are currently looking for companies that provide the following:

  • Web Design Services
  • Web Hosting solutions
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Domain Registration Services
  • Logo Design
  • Video Production Services
  • Video Animation
  • 3d Animation
  • Network Security Solutions

The fact of the matter is that every small business should have security associated with it to make sure the website owner is properly alerted in the event of a security breach.  We can provide the platform to your customers and provide you with the opportunity to earn low effort monthly recurring revenue from each and every transaction.

For more information please call us at 877-7CYFLARE or email [email protected]