Cyber Risk Intelligence

One of our Centers of Excellence, CYRISMA, enables CyFlare to help our clients manage risk without the usual headaches associated with Enterprise cybersecurity tools.  Designed for organizations that demand a clear and immediate return on investment, CYRISMA simplifies identifying, assessing, and mitigating technical risks while eliminating high licensing costs, long deployment times, and burdensome technologies.

The CYRISMA ecosystem is a unique methodology that is repeatable for each client and will continue to grow with new and innovative cyber risk management capabilities.  The cybersecurity SaaS solution follows a three-way structured approach in seven simple steps:

  • Data Discovery – understand what data you have, where the information is located, and who has access to it.
  • Risk Assessment – know if the systems housing the data have vulnerabilities and if the data is secure.
  • Relevant Action – track and monitor mitigation efforts providing a clear line of sight to enhance your security posture, whether in the past, present, or future.

Some Key Features:

Perform vulnerability scanning and identify to mitigate. All results are analyzed and a root cause is developed. 

Dark web intelligence services provide awareness if your IPs or domain names are being discussed, compromised or a potential target for ransomware.

Search storage types and see where sensitive data is stored. Reduce the footprint before the bad actor attacks and holds it for ransom.

Create mitigation plans, define accountability, and assign to individuals within your organization.

Perform network discoveries with the agent or sensor to identify assets on your networks.

Calculate your dollars at risk should a ransomware attack occur.

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