ONE, the industry’s first-ever converged security tool platform, integrates and aggregates all security data into a single pane of glass for data normalization and advanced security detections. By creating an ecosystem that supports the current (and future) investments in clients’ cybersecurity tools, ONE provides a future-proofed approach to cybersecurity.

Analytics Built for Executive Management

  • Operational dashboards give insights into what is connected vs. expected across your networks, log senders, servers, and API connectors
  • Ticketing insights include visibility into True Positives, Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) and more
  • Interactive and drillable menus to provide you with the answers you need, when you need them 
  • ONE features unique, insightful analytics charts to enable trendspotting, anomaly detections, and continuous improvement items. A few examples are below:

Friction-Free SOC Engagement

  • Single-page access to view all Account Details, including contact information for your Customer Success Manager and Account Manager, SOC help, and escalation management 
  • Integrated ticketing portal and widget for rapid ticket creation or updates along with knowledge base
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive user-interfact to enable on-the-web or on-the-go interactions

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