Add Pen Testing to Your Cybersecurity Strategy — Find and Fix your Vulnerabilities

Are your applications vulnerable?
Let us find out.

NOTE: Standard Penetration Tests take an average of 2 to 3 weeks to complete

Reduce Threat Surface

Our assessments help you reduce the attack surfaces exposed to adversaries

Why Implement a PenTest?

A common misconception by enterprises and small businesses alike is that their existing security tools can cater to their penetration test needs. However, they don't realize they are missing the real value an "ethical hacker" creates - showing your records at risk AND a remediation plan to avoid a data breach.

CyFlare's Penetration Testing Services looks for exposures on your:

  • Network
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications

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Thanks to CyFlare, we can offer our customers comprehensive, 
high-quality Penetration Testing services to help locate and neutralize any vulnerabilities that put our customers’ data at risk. We highly recommend CyFlare as a qualified cybersecurity partner that is highly communicative and professional in our day-to-day experiences.

John D. Flory III, CISO
 Harbor Networks




Improve Compliance

Our services are designed to ensure that you meet compliance requirements like PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO, etc. 


Validate Your Existing Defense

Test your resilience against a real-life cyber attack and obtain advisory on how to protect your business better 

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