Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Integrate and Automate for Comprehensive Threat Detection

It can be challenging to manage your security posture when your tools operate in silos, your analysts must manually add context to each alert, and you see a high volume of alerts, many of which are false positives.

CyFlare XDR services can help you consolidate your security stack, provide a complete view of your environment, prioritize alerts based on their relevance and severity, and reduce the workload for your analysts.

Does this sound like you?

I struggle with limited visibility into my environment

My current security tools operate in silos and lack integration​

My analysts are overwhelmed with the high volume of alerts and manually adding context to each one.​

I struggle to manage my security tools, which all have different commercial terms and expirations

I am receiving many alerts, lots of which are false positives

My current MSSP is not providing the support my analysts need, and they feel abandoned

XDR Solution Highlights

NG-SIEM Solution

65+ API Connectors

Unlimited Data Ingestion

24×7 SOC w/ Live Chat

SOC Initiated Threat Containment

97% True Positive Rate

CyFlare Delivers:

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