Remote Access

Secure, Fast & Affordable VPN Alternative

Remote Access

Security breach headlines continue to occur with the primary security gap being the organizations VPN enabling contractors and remote employees access to much more than it should. 

If your organization is enabling VPN for the purpose of connecting users with applications we can help remove the risk of VPN solutions, improve end user experience, application response time and add additional security layers like DLP and alarms that feed back into your CyFlare SOC for continuous monitoring and incident response.

Solution Highlights

Appliance Integrated

Fully integrated into the CyFlare appliance line enabling a no friction deployment.

Mobile Ready

Use the remote access apps right on your Android or IOS Device as well as Mac or Windows devices.

Cloud Managed

Easily manage policies and users through the CyFlare Remote Access Portal. SAML integration is available for SSO capabiltiies.

Security Benefits

Keylogger Protection

The remote access client automatically protects from key logger compromise.

Data Protection

A machine compromised with a key logger can steal sensitive account data. This is 100% avoidable.

Screen Capture Protection

Automatically avoid the possibility of screen capture based attacks.

Protect Your Data

The built in screen capture protection yields just a big grey box whether the hacking tool takes periodic pictures or actual video. It would just render a grey box and your data remains safe.

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