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Security Orchestration & Automation @ Scale

The biggest problem with the MSSP industry is that MSSP’s set themselves up to monitor for anomalous activities but then communicate and place the burden of correcting back on the client. CyFlare aims to solve the real problem for the client as it happens by offering a best of breed security automation platform at the heart of the CyFlare SOC and built into the SOC In A Box platform.

Other MSSP’s See Something and Say Something. CyFlare will See Something and DO Something.

With over 1500 API based automation actions across more than 250 premiere security tools CyFlare can take you further.


Our Extensive API Integrations Menu

The following interactive menu dynamically shows integration options available by vendor and product. The Integrations provide the ability to programmatically connect to your existing security stack and ingest detections, run queries and take action.