24/7 Extended Detection and Response

Integrate and automate your environment with a leading XDR-enabled SOCaaS Provider


Open and extensible XDR protects and future-proofs the entire enterprise attack surface effectively and efficiently through an open, unified, correlated, and intelligent security operations platform.

Consolidated Data Plane

Intelligent Detections

Integration & Automation

  • Lightweight Metadata from all sources*
  • Provides full visibility
  • Lean and cost-effective infrastructure
*Includes 50+ API connectors, Logs, SaaS, and PaaS
  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework mapped detections & playbooks
  • Machine Learning enabled and UEBA focused
  • Investigative playbooks from day one with over 100 use-cases
  • Insert business logic to create an ecosystem across your stack
  • Automate common tasks to expedite response and ease the burden on your team.

Sample Integrations

Multi-Tier SOC —

The CyFlare SOC provides monitoring of security alerts for all associated CyFlare-managed tools. Every account is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager and Professional Services Engineer to seamlessly deploy, monitor, and investigate any potential threats.

Tier One

Tier Two

Tier Three

  • 24×7 First Responder
  • Initial triage
  • Assist with escalated events
  • Assess and investigate confirmed incidents
  • Provides guidance and directives for incident response 
  • For severe and complex events
  • Formal incident reporting

What You Get

  • Open XDR-enabled platform compiles data from all your tools
  • 24×7 analyst monitoring
  • Complete access to the platform and logs
  • Unlimited storage
  • Predictable user based pricing 
  • Guidance where and when you need it
  • Included Customer Success Manager and Systems Engineer
  • SLA-driven SOC

Why Choose Us

  • Open XDRaaS approach allows for seamless integration and future-proofed security strategy
  • Proprietary and interactive analytics built for management teams to enable continuous improvement, trend spotting and provide KPI’s
  • High-touch customer success team provides experienced consultation, constant monitoring, and consistent communication
  • We are the automation experts. We can integrate and automate response across your security stack.

ONE, the industry’s first-ever converged security platform, provides a future-proof cybersecurity service — creating an ecosystem out of your current and future investments in cybersecurity tools.

  • Single portal for ticket management, knowledge base, SOC Contact listing, curated analytics with drill down capability
  • IDP module built-in to allow for single sign on to your security apps
  • Multi-Tenant platform
  • Integration and automation consulting and engineering always available

Whether you have a complete stack of security tools in place or you are just getting started in the fight against cybercriminals, CyFlare has you covered. Our Open XDR model allows us to fully integrate and aggregate all of your data in one single platform for data normalization and advanced security detections. 

Pair that with our SOC Analysts, who monitor your environment 24/7, and you have peace of mind.

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